Brush Duo Makeup Brush Set


Our Voodoo Pro Set Duo contains two classic brushes.


Our signature foundation brush set includes a dense, kabuki-style head made of premium synthetic bristles encased in a silver ferrule atop a classic black matted handle. Use it to gently sweep our natural Coconut Cream Foundation in fine, buildable, feather weight strokes to create buildable, lightweight coverage to achieve a dewy, airbrushed look.


A small super dense deep-angled brush head made of premium synthetic bristles encased in a silver ferrule atop a classic black matted handle. Perfect for smaller areas when you need to apply a highlighter, blush, or bronzer to accentuate contours.

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    Bristle Type: Synthetic

    Makeup Brush Maintenance

    Our professional-grade makeup brushes are designed to work best with our products. The soft bristles deliver the most gentle touch on the skin, apply the product with a feather weight feel and leave a flawless finish. We recommend deep cleaning our brushes at least once a month, preferably twice a month with spot cleaning after each use. If you’ve invested in the best makeup brushes you should protect your investment with regular cleaning and maintenance.

    How to Clean Brushes

    We recommend using a good quality clarifying shampoo to deep clean your brushes. A bowl of warm water and clarifying shampoo should allow you to gently lather up the bristles and wash away makeup buildup from applying foundation, concealers, highlighters, and blush. If your brush becomes very dirty or you use it to apply bright makeup for halloween, for example, it may be necessary to clean it with dawn dish soap. However, this is only if the brush is heavily soiled and oiled. Washing with harsh cleansers or cleaning solutions that contain alcohol can dry out the bristles and ruin your brushes.

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    Weight 21 oz
    Dimensions 6.0 × 1.5 × 1.5 in
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