Our Mission

Super. Natural. Makeup.

“No one should have to sacrifice health to feel beautiful in makeup. That’s why I created Voodoo Makeup. To bring an enjoyable, healthy experience to allergy sufferers like me and really anyone who wants to feel healthy while wearing makeup.” -Aimee Carr

Voodoo Makeup was born from an urgent need for profoundly clean makeup. Our purpose is to provide all-natural, chemical-free makeup that sacrifices nothing when it comes to performance. All formulas are created by owner and founder Aimee Carr with as few ingredients as possible. Corn, soy, and gluten-free, our makeup is perfect for the allergy sensitive, the immuno-compromised or anyone living a clean lifestyle.

Filled with good-for-you ingredients, Voodoo Makeup improves the condition of your skin when used over time. All makeup is hand crafted and poured by artisans in our studio in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Our take on New Orleans Voodoo has been revered on runways and praised on professional productions. Celebrities have been spellbound by our makeup’s performance and skin treatment properties. Find out what Voodoo can do for you.

Experience your daily beauty ritual with Voodoo Makeup.